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Kate going for the shot for Stanford

Kate is looking to pass the ball while Azzi is guarding her.

Position: Guard
Height: 6ft 2in
College: Stanford University
Born on: 7/30/75
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Kate giving Jamila a high-five with Vanessa nearby.

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Kate Starbird
Kate hanging around in her locker

This page is about Kate Starbird, one of the greatest players to play at Stanford. She won numerous awards for her talent like the 1997 Boost Naismith Award and was an All-American in junior and senior years on The Farm. She became the leading scorer in Stanford women's basketball history. Currently, she plays for the Seattle Reign for the ABL. She is one of the top rookies in the league and I expect that she will grow even more as the years go by. I seen her play and she was great.

Sisters/Brothers: brothers Dodd (28), Edward (19), Michael (17) sister and confidant Meg (24)
Nickname: Bird formerly sticks, stretch, skinny
Your Heroes: grandfathers Charles Leonard and Alfred Starbird Olympians, Modern Pentathlon,1936 Berlin (the same olympics that Hitler and Jesse Owens were involved in - HITLER IS NOT HER HERO)
Superstitions: hmmm, not too many, i like to play on crutches, a lot
Favorite Food: pizza, Una Mas burritos (living in California)
Favorite Song: Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen)
Favorite Movie: Clueless, When Harry Met Sally, Star Wars
Favorite TV Show: Seinfield, Ellen
Favorite Singer/Group: Bruce, Indigo Girls
Favorite Actor: Sean Connery
Hobbies: water-skiing, guitar, writing in my journal
Something Most People Don't Know About You: they know everything by now
Most Inspirational Words you've Heard: "Can I have your autograph" from six-twelve year old girls. it makes me want to try so much harder, and do so much better, because I feel like they are relying on me for something. Your Advice to Others: Live your passion.

Kate Starbird Links

Kate's Personal Homepage
Unfortunately, not updated. You get the chance to learn about her personality though.
Kate's School Project
Took a look at it and got very confused. That's how smart Kate is.

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